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Covidien Switchgear: 48 Hours, 60,000 lbs. and Only Feet to Spare

Washington University

48 hours and counting to remove and install over 60,000 pounds of industrial switchgear at Covidien's St. Louis Manufacturing Plant.


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24/7-365 for over 30 years

We take pride in being one of the few companies that can offer our customers a comprehensive electrical service from intricate low voltage control systems, electronic interfacing to high voltage distribution. Our radio dispatched, fully staffed service fleet of over 40 service trucks, allows us to meet any situation in a timely manner. Bell has over 200 electricians and technicians in the field and 60 in house administrative and support personnel. Our 24-Hour Emergency Service guarantees a fast and dependable response.

Bell Electrical Contractors offers its customers comprehensive electrical, communication and technology solutions. Bell has been the leader in "green" technology and energy saving solutions long before being "green" was popular. With over three decades of experience, Bell is proud to announce their Power to Save Program, specializing in the strategic management and maintenance of power and lighting systems.

KIDstruction week starting July 23rd

Largest Solar in Missouri

Be a part of KIDstruction week. Join today and help support St. Louis Children's Hospital and the great work they do to care for the critically ill kids in our community.

See the KIDsruction Video

For more on joining the Bell KIDstruction Team

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